Fillets Be-Gone

Ever have a Nasty Fillet Problem?

Let’s say your Engineer Intern was working on a project and thought to themselves…

“Aha! Fillets are the greatest SOLIDWORKS feature ever! They should be everywhere! And I’m going to randomly make them at any point in the design process because who ever heard of design intent? Eureka!”

I know as a young engineer I’ve been tempted by the smooth charm of fillets many times, maybe you have too. So let’s go easy on the intern because we’ve all been there!

Fillet at the beginning of the design tree that needs to be changed

Our good ol’ intern added the fillet shown above early on in the design as a parent feature. Unfortunately, by the time this design gets into your hands, modifying (or heaven forbid, deleting!) a parent feature in a complex model like this could turn into a nightmare. Have no fear! Let’s look at some of the damage together…and together, find a solution!

Fillet with lots of induced errors from minor changes to features at the beginning of the design


SOLIDWORKS has a quick solution for these types of mistakes. Fillets-Be-Gone!

SOLIDWORKS command search for Fillets-Be-Gone, a non-existent tool

Okay, so maybe it’s not called Fillets-Be-Gone…although it really should be! Our SOLIDWORKS Solution is actually called Delete Face. The Delete Face tool has an option to Delete and Patch. This, as the name implies, will delete a face and patch over what you’ve deleted.

Delete and Patch used to erase the fillet

*In Our Best TV Voice* But Wait! There's More

Fillets are not the only features that benefit from this tool. Have any unwanted holes? Just select the inner face and voila!

Delete and Patch used to erase a simple hole

And you might think that this is a cheap parlor trick that only works on easy situations. Fillet-Be-Gone (Delete Face and Patch) is super robust and can tackle the toughest jobs, such as complex holes or curved surfaces.

Delete and Patch used to delete a complex hole feature

Final Disclaimer

As you start using the Delete Face tool more, keep an eye on your file’s size. The tool creates a surface copy in order to delete the face and replace it with the patch and this may increase your file size. But, if you’re in a tight spot and you need to clean a “finished” model up quickly (from your Intern, or just another Fillet Lover), this is one of the best tools that you can use!

Fillets-Be-Gone is your go-to (also known as Delete and Patch… but come on now, mine is catchier)😉!

Thanks for following along!

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