Future of Cloud Computing in Business

The Future of Your Business Might Be in the Cloud

Your Business and the Cloud

The future of business is online, and that future is now.

Cloud-based businesses and support functions are evolving and quickly becoming the norm across many industries. Even if you are not “in the cloud” currently, your business’s future will likely be there.

It’s no matter what kind of industry you are in, most businesses now need an online presence, at minimum. Many are even shifting to entirely online, cloud-based operations. But there is much more to this trend than just having a social media profile!

Along with the benefits of being in the cloud outlined below, there is also a responsibility to manage the huge amounts of customer information and data that comes with a cloud-based business. Data storage solutions and software that are built to secure, manage, organize, and analyze big data become key. This is why data management software solutions are vital, but more on that later.

Benefits of Being in the Cloud

Yes, being in the cloud is the way businesses of the future are heading. But there are many other benefits to it than just being on-trend.

Cloud solutions propel your business toward a sustainable future. Being in the cloud allows and supports business growth by removing geographic restrictions. It connects people in ways that were previously not even possible. Let’s take a look at a few other great benefits to being in the cloud.

Low Investment

Whether you’re in the cloud or not, when you want to scale your business—or even just in the natural course of things—software upgrades and updates will be required. If you’re in the cloud, you won’t need to worry about having sufficient memory or space for such upgrades (which often take more of both). By investing in the cloud your business is guaranteed adaptability, unlike anything allowed by traditional practices.

Reliable Security

Data can be sensitive, so, of course, it’s key to practice security at all levels of your organization. The cloud is well equipped with security features that likely out-perform anything you could employ in your own business (particularly if your business is smaller). The cloud offers robust, multi-layered security.

Plus, a quality data management software solution provides both highly rated security features and peace of mind.

Convenience and Easy Access from Anywhere

The cloud allows access anywhere, anytime, from any web-capable device, so your information and functionality are available when you need them. Business is also no longer bound by location-specific restrictions.

Enhanced Collaboration and Performance

Cloud-based functionality naturally brings opportunities for easier and enhanced collaboration. This means increased performance—for you, your team, and your company along with the other benefits listed above. Employ the cloud in your business, and watch your organization blow your KPI’s out of the water!

How Data Management Software Supports Your Cloud-Based Business

Behind the most flexible, proactive organizations is a massive quantity of useful data that is being put to good use.

Having access to the right data at the right time and in the right way helps leaders make quality decisions on the fly. By using substantiated information, they can adapt quickly and tell compelling stories about their organizations. This garners genuine support and can help transform the way things are done.

Particularly in cloud-based businesses, multitudes of data points are coming in every day. Every transaction, every click can help tell a story. But with all that data comes the need to store it securely and make sense of it. Having data without being able to use it is pointless.

This is where highly capable data management software comes into play.

Data management is the process of taking collected data and organizing it to help make better business decisions. It can be done in multiple ways, but one of the most effective and efficient ways is to employ software explicitly designed for data collection, organization, and analysis. This is what data management software does. It provides your business with:

  • Secure data storage with controlled levels of access
  • Tracking functions and audit trails
  • Accurate data analysis and robust reporting
  • Backups and recovery features that allow quick recovery in the event of a crash

Transforming Your Data Management Efforts with DesignPoint

With more businesses being moved to the cloud—in part or entirely—the need for quality data management processes and systems is growing.

If your business is in the cloud or considering moving in that direction, contact us. DesignPoint helps you streamline and transform your efforts by implementing the right software solutions.

Whether you’re looking to get into the cloud or not, we can help you make the most of the data you have. When you’re ready to level up your business and increase your productivity and efficiency using the most innovative data management software, DesignPoint is here for you!