3DEXPERIENCE Platform Interview [Video]

Tune in and listen to Andrew Parkhurst as he grills his supervisor and Engineering Manager, Andres Lesmes on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Parkhurst asks all the questions we’re too scared to say out loud and Andres welcomes the challenge with genuine feedback. If you’re looking for an honest and open assessment for what the 3DEXPERIENCE can and cannot do–this is it!

Hesitancy Adopting the 3D Experience Platform

·         Is the platform meant to replace SOLIDWORKS? [00:01:22]

·         What was missing from SOLIDWORKS that users now have access to with the platform? [00:02:51]

·         What will users miss out on if they do not adopt the platform? [00:04:41]

Asking an experienced SOLIDWORKS and Platform User

·         Have you gotten comfortable with the platform? What’s the learning curve like? [00:07:28]

·         What’s your favorite part of the platform? [00:09:17]

·         Did you have to commit yourself to using the platform before you enjoyed it? [00:11:48]

Forecasting the future

·         Do you see how customers could gain a competitive advantage from adopting the platform? [00:13:49]

·         Is the cost/value worth it for customers? ROI potential? [00:16:37]

·         What kind of opportunities could this lead to? Skills? Networking? [00:18:28]