DesignPoint Adds Strategic Team for Growth Advisory

DP adds Strategic Team - PR

CLARK, N.J. | January 6, 2019

DesignPoint, a growth advisor for manufacturing, is proud to announce that it is adding a strategic team, called Client Strategy, for growth advisory and unique services will be following suit. A clearly defined vision enables companies to reap both immediate and future benefits. However, too often a company lacks the time or resources to focus on comprehensive goals that are critical to its enduring success. The Client Strategy team will be looking beyond current design and manufacturing needs to focus on customers’ long-term growth strategy.

As a leading innovator at the forefront of the manufacturing landscape, DesignPoint is already a trusted strategic partner and advisor to its clients. With this new strategic team, DesignPoint will utilize this deep insight into both the industry and their customers’ business to help them identify and achieve big picture goals. “This is about solving the biggest problems and capitalizing on the biggest opportunities to drive profitable growth,” explained DesignPoint’s Brett Dunn, who leads the initiative. “The time is right for our customers to think big; and DesignPoint is ready help.”

More exciting news to come soon on DesignPoint’s Client Strategy team. Make sure to follow DesignPoint to learn more about how you can implement a forward-thinking approach to your business.

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