Headed to SOLIDWORKS WORLD, in Dallas? Don’t forget your Lasso (selection tool)!

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Many of us here at DesignPoint will be headed out to Dallas Texas next week for SOLIDWORKS World 2016. It’ll three full days of informative SOLIDWORKS sessions, and I’ll venture a guess that more than a handful of them will be cowboy themed, given the location.’

With that being said, I come prepared. I wanted to remind you quickly of a nice enhancement from a couple of releases back: the Lasso Selection Tool.’

We’re all familiar with the box selection, but what if you need a little more freedom in your selection? Just enable the lasso selection from a right-click out in the graphics area!

Image 1

Now just use your left-click and drag, and lasso those sketch entities to select them!


The great news is, the lasso selection maintains both regular and ‘crossing window’ selections. Notice it’s a blue (regular selection) when going clockwise, and a green (crossing selection) when going counter clockwise!

Image 2

So you’ve got your lasso, and you’re ready to hit the floor in Dallas for SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2016. I hope to see y’all there!

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