How 3D Printing Crushes The Competition At Robotics Tournaments

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Recently I was speaking with a teacher who runs a robotics program in North Jersey and I was inspired to address how 3D printing brings a competitive edge to the industry. Here are a few reasons why anyone competing in robotics needs to check out the latest 3D printing technology.

Time – One of the biggest issues that plagues robotics competitors is the long lead time on parts. I spoke with a local competitor who said they sometimes wait 4-6 weeks for their parts to be fabricated. When 3D printing, you get your parts much faster and most parts usually print in less than a day.

Weight – Most robotics competitions have a weight limit of 120 pounds per robot. The smartest competitors are finding ways to reduce their machine’s weight, so they can spend it in other areas and get big advantages over the competition. With Markforged 3D Printers, you can use continuous carbon fiber to make custom materials as strong as 6061 aluminum but light as a feather. This allows you to replace your aluminum parts with composite and dramatically reduce the weight of your machine.

Money – The cost of outsourcing parts goes up dramatically if you only need a few parts produced. With robotics competitors usually only needing the occasional one-off part, using outside vendors can be extremely expensive. 3D printing gives you the flexibility to print whatever you need in low quantities and pay minimal material costs.

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