Who changed the configuration to our EPDM vault?

W1Did you know that the Enterprise PDM Administration Utility lets you view the change history of your configuration? It’s a pretty handy tool. If your vault is behaving unexpectedly and you’re not sure what change is causing the behavior, you can go into the Administration Utility and right mouse click on the vault and select System History. Better yet, if you know what area of the vault could be the cause (e.g.: a particular workflow) you can right mouse click on that feature and select History.

The information is helpful but brief: Username, time, feature, and action are provided. This is often enough to jog one’s memory and the change can be made. But what if you have multiple EPDM Administrators. In this case, it can be difficult to figure out who changed what if everyone logs into the EPDM Administration Utility with the admin user.


My recommendation is to set up a Power Users group that has many Administrative Permissions turned on (similar to the admin user). Assign the EPDM administrators’ standard usernames to that group. Now when they log into the EPDM Administration Utility with their username, it is logged in the vault configuration change history. Now you know who made changes to the vault configuration.