How to Add Wire Numbers to Schematics in 10 Seconds or Less

Adding wire numbers to a schematic with standard 2D CAD software can be a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task – especially if a project is revised before sending it out to production.

Power lines are often numbered differently than other wires, and there might be even more variation based on the type of wire we are looking at, so things can get very complicated very quickly. It’s a lot to keep track of and is often a task we dread. So what’s the alternative? 

Schematic image that needs wire numbers

Since all of my wire styles are setup correctly in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Wire Styles Manager with an equation, all we need to do is go to the Process tab and click Number new (or renumbered) wires.

See this action in the video below:

From here, we can make any manual changes by double-clicking on a wire and entering a value into the New column.

Wire Marks in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

… or we can (new in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017) propagate data from connected objects!

Note: Depending on your standards, this new feature is a HUGE time saver.

In this example, we want to propagate the PLC Channel address to the wire equipotential. As you can see here, all wires have been numbered based on their standard formulas:

Propagate data to connected objects in SOLIDWORKS

Rather than manually overriding each and every wire mark with the PLC Channel address, all we need to do is click on Propagate data to connected objects (also on the Process tab) and select:

  1. The object to copy from
  2. The data to copy
  3. The object to copy to
  4. The associated data to copy to
Propagate data to connected objects screen capture image

Then all we need to do is click on OK. Within 5 seconds, we see our result:

Propagate data to connected objects result screen capture image

So kick back, relax, and enjoy not numbering your wires the hard way ever again. This is just another example of how SOLIDWORKS Electrical takes the pain out of schematic design, allowing us to focus on innovation!

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