The What, Why and How of Our Design on Demand Services

Here to Serve: Design on Demand

Women holding text bubbles that read Design on Demand

Spend any time with a DesignPoint team member and one thing becomes clear: we are fanatical about providing best in class service to our partners. And, boy, are there a LOT of ways we help clients develop complete solutions for product design, engineering, and manufacturing. Today we explore one of many ways we serve our clients: Design on Demand.

“Ok, WHAT Exactly is Design on Demand?”

Design on Demand is a life saver for companies lacking the internal resources to complete their design projects in-house. Our team of experts take care of your design needs like…

  • 2D to 3D Conversions
  • Drawing Creations
  • Design Validation

We create templates and product libraries, and even develop products for you, allowing you to simplify your internal processes and complete projects faster.

“Ah, I See. But WHY Would I Need Design on Demand?”

There are several reasons why!

  • Perhaps you don’t have the time or the staff to meet your deadlines…or…
  • Your designs are scattered across multiple servers and departments, forcing you to go back to the drawing board for every product iteration….or…
  • You just aren’t sure you’ve maintained the proper design intent for your product(s).

If any of this sounds familiar, our Design on Demand team can help. They use SOLIDWORKS to take care of tasks, big and small, that will streamline your workflow. Guess what happens when DesignPoint automates your processes and takes care of those little time-sucking projects that keep you up at night with worry? You end up with reduced design costs and decreased time to market. The biggest win? You get valuable time back, allowing you and your team to focus on the big picture (and a good night’s sleep)!

“Hmm, That Sounds Pretty Sweet. HOW Do You Do It?”

Like all our other products and services, it really comes back to who we are and how we deliver. If you know a little about us, you know that we’re adamant about the DesignPoint experience. With our proven process, we manage your expectations and help you reach your goals in no time. It goes like this…

S2U (Seek to Understand)
We start by listening to our customer’s needs to ensure we comprehend your project priorities and goals. We pay special attention to perceived bottlenecks and or areas of opportunities. Then we ask a ton of questions to put ourselves in your shoes and truly understand your perspective.

E&D (Educate & Demonstrate)
We provide valuable insight into industry best practices. This type of dynamic education is critical to us successfully executing and creating the good stuff. After all, if we don’t provide you with options and validate our work…what’s the point?

MIH (Make It Happen)
After we’re clear about process, timeline, and expectations… we get to work! There is full transparency throughout the whole project, allowing you to have a pulse on your projects every step of the way. You can chime in, check out progress, and feel at ease knowing that certified experts are on the job.

Our Successability Loop
Our work is never really done (unless you say so of course); but we pride ourselves on the fanatical service that comes after completion. Upon delivery, your check-mark is desired, but your satisfaction is necessary. What else is necessary? Taking a step back. We facilitate conversations for further growth and optimization, always inspiring you to think about the endless possibilities your company can achieve.

“Oh Wow! I Could Totally Use That Kind of Help. HOW Do I Get Started with Design On Demand?”

If you’re ready to have our talented team take care of your design needs? Give us a call today.
We are confident in our services and bold in our vision to help our clients discover that MORE IS POSSIBLE®!