I don’t need PDM, and other lies…

How SOLIDWORKS PDM is critical to your growth.

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DesignPoint has been in business for nearly 20 years now. In our time serving clients of all sizes who do a variety of massively impactful things, we’ve heard many reasons why clients think they don’t need Product Data Management (PDM). It usually goes something like this, “We don’t need PDM because…

  • We’re a small company”
  • We already use cloud storage “
  • We have a guy, and he’s part of our process”

Now, all punchy headlines aside, we know these statements aren’t lies from our customers. In fact, our customers hold these truths to be self-evident. Walk their shop floors to meet their small teams and you’ll see for yourself. Or have them explain their process, where they proudly showcase how Dropbox is a part of their workflow. Better still, meet the best of the best—an engineer with enough tribal knowledge on their product and service that he/she will gladly challenge even the most senior engineers around. All this to say, our customers are doing the best they can with the resources they have and the results they yield are great. Still, you don’t know what you don’t know, and who wants to be great…when you can be the best?

The truth is (and yes that was another pun), all of the proposed objections for not investing in a PDM system, are all of the reasons why customers should be capitalizing or seriously considering this very investment. PDM, in short, is a catalyst for continuous business growth. Here’s how:

Small Companies, Big Profit

Smaller companies can benefit the most from incorporating PDM into their business. The outlined systems and processes allow your business to not only scale, but also be semi-automated. If you take the guesswork out of all your daily remedial tasks, you’re making yourself available for more bandwidth, more business, and more opportunity.

More Than a File Hosting Service

Let’s be very clear, we love Dropbox too! Still, a file hosting service is by no means capable of handling all your robust engineering data. We’ve seen what can go wrong. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, it’s not just a file system, it’s so much more. Besides saving files, this tool automates rules, builds custom libraries, and pushes your products out the door in a systematized way.

Have Every Guy (or Gal) Be “The Guy” (or Gal)

We recently covered why tribal knowledge sucks—and through our process, we discovered tribal knowledge can actually be a huge differentiating factor for your business. Still, knowledge is wasted when we lock it up; so, PDM steps in to ensure that all of your people (engineers and beyond) have access to the right information. Don’t worry if you think some aren’t ready for that knowledge (it sounds overwhelming, we know). Remember, we take the guess work out of the implementation process. Then, your people can focus on what they’re good at and your new people not only understand your company standards, but can fully abide by them.

So, if you don’t think you need PDM, you’re lying to yourself (that’s my last joke, I promise)! In all seriousness though, a lot more small businesses could benefit from PDM. Often times these businesses just don’t realize it, which is why we’re dedicating ourselves to educating those customers. Usually, it starts with a simple conversation, let’s have one.