Point-Of-Use Instructions and Resources with EPDM

It can be difficult to get everyone to follow procedures or to share resources effectively. Sometimes, the information is not their when the user needs it. In a software environment simple instructions and resources at the point of use can help users significantly. EPDM can do this very well with data cards.

A data card can shows up in Windows Explorer when you select its file or when you save a file to the vault from an application. In the image below is a SolidWorks data card. It has a tab that includes instructions for the user with guidance to fill out important data on the previous tab. The other tabs include resources that are important to the designer (e.g.: vendor resources like McMaster Carr or strategic partners). Even resources to SolidWorks tips and tricks, direct access to DesignPoint help, and more. These cards can easily be customized for folders and files.

Putting this information in the hands of the users is useful for any organization trying to promote consistancy and efficiency. The great part is this is very easy with Enterprise PDM! Let me know if you have questions or thoughts. Thanks.

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