Introducing My.SolidWorks

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Participating in the SolidWorks community just got a whole lot easier with My.SolidWorks!

My.SolidWorks lets you connect, discover, and share everything SolidWorks in one seamless experience. You no longer have to search the community forums, the online help, or the knowledge base individually to find an answer to a tough technical question. One search on My.SolidWorks will automatically search and show information from the following areas (more may be added in the future):

  • 3D Content Central
  • SolidWorks Forums
  • SolidWorks Blog
  • SolidWorks Online Help
  • Knowledge Base
  • SPR Database
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

You can create an account on My.SolidWorks, or use your current SolidWorks Customer Portal account to gain access. Some areas of My.SolidWorks are reserved for SolidWorks users on active subscription service (like the Knowledge Base and SPR Database), so make sure you login whenever you visit the page to ensure you are seeing all of the search results available!

My.SolidWorks has also been formatted to play nicely with mobile devices. Using My.SolidWorks on your smartphone or tablet is just as easy as on a desktop!

The next time you have a question about anything SolidWorks, give My.SolidWorks a try!

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