Mapping EPDM Variables to Excel Cells

If you are an Enterprise PDM admin, you are probably already familiar with EPDM’s ability to map variables to your drawing sheets and getting that information onto your title blocks. Getting variables mapped into the metadata (File > Properties) section of a file is pretty easy. You use the attribute mapping of an EPDM Variable to do that.

The tough part can be getting the metadata into the content of a document. For Microsoft Excel documents, this can be done creating a VB Module and a unique formula in your cell that references the macro. Here is the VB Module I created (I store it in the EPDM Template source file so it is always available to the document).

To reference the metadata in the cell, use the formula shown below in inside a cell:

When the file is opened, Excel may prompt you with a security warning about macros. Choose the option to Enable. If you edit a metadata value from the file’s custom properties, you will have to do something to force an update in the cell. I usually just attempt to edit the cell (click my cursor in the cell edit area) but don’t actually change the contents of the cell.

I hope this helps. Any thoughts or comments, just publish them below. Thanks.

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