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nylon white 3d model

White is the new black, and when we say white we mean Nylon White. The new and improved Nylon material was recently introduced to Markforged’s material portfolio to replace Tough Nylon as it gets phased out. No worries, we have the 4-1-1 on what you need to know.

What is Nylon White?

Nylon white is an engineering thermoplastic that is non-abrasive and can be easily painted. It is a replacement for Markforged’s Tough Nylon, which will no longer be available for purchase after Mid-July 2019.

How does it stack up to the other materials?

As compared to Tough Nylon, Nylon white:

  • Prints well on printers that have used Onyx
  • Leads to better print outcomes
  • Is stronger (and stiffer)
  • Has increased durability from reduced moisture absorption
  • Can easily be painted

As compared to Onyx, the impressive material:

  • Is even less abrasive
  • Is not as strong (flexural)
  • Is not as stiff
  • Is not as impact resistant

Want to see some more specs? Click on the image below to see the updated Composites Datasheet.

Composites Datasheet

When should you use Nylon White?

Though Onyx is impressive with its resilience, there are instances when Nylon White will prove to be the better material. Specifically, when:

  • Smooth, non-abrasive surfaces are critical
    • You can now customize any part that needs to be smooth and will encounter Class A cosmetic surfaces
  • Cosmetics are important
    • You have the ability to easily paint or dye parts in order to enhance them for design, color coding, or simply to increase visibility
  • Can’t use chopped carbon fiber

What do you need to use the new material?

When Markforged released Nylon White they prioritized your needs and process – which is why all you need is your Markforged printer (Mark Two or X7) and your software (Eiger) to rock and roll.

You might be asking yourself, ‘But what about the printheads?’  You see, in the past 3D Printing technicians had a printhead dedicated for Tough Nylon and another printhead dedicated for Onyx. That’s a thing of the past! You can now use one printhead to print both materials. So, try Nylon While on your Onyx printhead and you’re all set!

When is it available?

Right now! Check out our webstore to place your materials order.


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