Moving Onward with Online Training

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Why DesignPoint’s Virtual Instruction Gets an A+

Moving Onward with Online Training

We all understand the importance of training to stay competitive in today’s market. Unfortunately, the market does not care that you may not be able to attend those valuable classes in person right now. That’s why DesignPoint went virtual with its world-class SOLIDWORKS training classes, and the results have surpassed our customers expectations in every way.  Here’s just a few reasons why our customers love about DesignPoint’s Online SOLIDWORKS Training.

Hands-On yet Hands-Free

DesignPoint’s SOLIDWORKS Training has a reputation of excellence. With an average rating of 9.29 out of 10 (WOW!) our Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals are known for adding a personal touch to our in-class sessions. Our online training classes are just as interactive and follow the same format as an in-person class. In fact, you have more ways to interact during the lessons – unmute and start talking, type your question into the chat feature, or send an email with a thorny topic that needs further discussion.

Break Out Sessions Without an Outbreak

Just because our teachers aren’t literally hands-on in an actual classroom doesn’t mean they can’t give you a hand!  Need some extra attention while you’re working on a SOLIDWORKS exercise? Our instructors will access your screen, call you separately, and walk you through your challenge exactly as they would in a live environment.

No Software Needed (& Barely Any Hardware, Either)

No prep is necessary for our Online Training. Just drop in remotely and get started. Don’t have SOLIDWORKS installed on your remote workstation? No problem. DesignPoint provides a virtual SOLIDWORKS environment that requires no set-up for our students. This means that you can take the classes on even the most basic computer. All you need is access to the internet and a keyboard and you are good to go!

Training Manuals Made Easy

DesignPoint sends both analog and digital learning materials prior to your class, allowing you to utilize them in whatever way works for you. Our virtual students love the e-book’s search feature, which finds the content you are looking for fast. Still others appreciate the good old-fashioned feel of a printed manual that they can mark-up however they like. Whichever your preference, we’ve got you covered.

No Jacket Required…or Pants

The feedback we get from our students is pretty consistent on this one: there’s nothing better than training from the comfort of your own home. Students take classes in a workspace they are accustomed to. Distractions are minimized. And no one cares if you’re training in yesterday’s clothes. One student even noted that virtual training is an introvert’s dream – the online environment means they can put themselves “out there” without having to go out. So stay in those PJs and start advancing your career with DesignPoint’s online training. Although we’d prefer it if you kept your pants on….

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