Is the Story of Your Life A Good Read? How to Turn Your Life into a Real Page Turner

If you wrote a story about your life, would you enjoy reading it?

Sure, there would be some page-turning tidbits – travel to interesting locales, quality time with family and friends, perhaps even some romantic intrigue…. But I’m not talking about a Cliff Notes version of your life. Let’s be honest: a true accounting of your time spent on this earth would reveal that there is only one thing you do more than sleep: you work.

Adults spend at least 1/3 of their life working. One third! The rest – vacationing, raising a family, even falling in love – make up a tiny fraction of the tome that is your life. That means your work should get a fairly long and detailed section of that book you are writing. Will it be a good read? Here’s how to make sure the story of your life is an interesting tale.

Identify your Strengths and Lean into Them

Whether you are a master mathematician or a detailed decorator, there are some areas where your talents really shine through. Write them down and make sure you utilize those strengths every day. Maybe you excel at public speaking. Perhaps you’re an excellent listener. Or your organization skills put Marie Kondo to shame. It’s a real page turner to watch someone doing what they do best. Make sure your career brings those talents to the forefront.

Discover your Passions and Pursue Them

Pursuing passion isn’t just for romance novels. Think about what gets your heart bumping and ask yourself how you can bring this enthusiasm to your workplace. Connecting your passions to your career may require you to examine your interests from a different perspective. For example, let’s say you love to sing opera. What is it about singing that makes it so special for you? Is it the joy you get from bringing people together for a shared experience? There is an endless list of careers – educator, event organizer, project manager, community activist, and more – that do just that. Do what you love so you can love what you do.

Write a Good Story for All the Characters in Your Book, Not Just Yourself

The Book of You would be a boring read if you were the only one in it. Every good story has an interesting cast of characters pursuing their own hopes and dreams. Actively seek to help your co-workers and customers every day. Serving others will help you grow both professionally and personally. You’ll soon see that helping those around you will not just make their story more interesting, it could turn the page on your life as well.

Find a Team that Believes Your Story is Their Story

Successful businesses know that a passionate, talented employee who focuses on the success of others will write a great story for themself AND for the company at large. They want your story to be a terrific read and are prepared to support you along the way. That’s why they turn to My Story™. My Story™ drives company growth by empowering employees to embrace their passions and talents. If you’re ready for the next chapter in your career, be sure your company wants to help you write it. Align yourself with a business that utilizes My Story™ and the book of your life will be a good read from cover to cover.

Want to learn how My Story™ can write an exciting new chapter for your entire team? Contact us today.