Does New England Love DesignPoint? Ayuh!

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Why New Englanders Turn to DesignPoint for their Additive Manufacturing Strategies

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We already know why DesignPoint loves New England, but does New England love us? DesignPoint is lucky enough to have inherited a lot of new customers when it recently expanded into the New England region. As the relative new kids on the block, we know it takes a lot to live up to the high standards of these discerning locals. But we happen to also set pretty high standards for ourselves, and are proud to say that our newfangled friends have welcomed us with open arms. What have we done to earn this high praise? Read on!

When You Call, We Answer

You’re in a rush but out of materials, so you set aside a few minutes during your busy day to call on customer service. Next thing you know 40 minutes have gone by and you’ve fallen into the seventh circle of automated voice prompt hell trying to get through to an actual human being.  Not at DesignPoint. We pride ourselves on offering a personal touch. That means you always talk to a real live human who will get you the help you need – fast.

Education is Key

We hear it all the time – a vendor sets up your new 3D Printer and that’s the last you see of them.  Now you’re left to figure out how to operate it and, worst of all, fix any problems that arise on your own. Not at DesignPoint.  Our engineers don’t just set up your systems.  We teach you how to use them. And the learning doesn’t stop there.  DesignPoint offers a continual array of education and training from a variety of outlets, giving you the flexibility to become a 3D Printing expert at your own pace. From webinars to offsite training and even in-depth blog posts, DesignPoint is a thought leader in the field, and we are here to empower you with the knowledge and skills that you need to succeed.  After all, the best customer is an educated one.

In It For The Long Run

Too often vendors treat a client interaction as simply transactional – you need something, they sell it to you, end of transaction.  Guess what? Not at DesignPoint!  You are not just a customer. You are our partner, and like any good partnership, we believe that your goals are our goals. That’s why we don’t just sell you a product. We actively engage with your business, discovering both short- and long-term improvement solutions that will bring on game changing results, both now and in the future. Like we always say, More Is Possible when we work together.  So let’s get started.

Ready to see why New Englanders are DesignPoint fans? Call us for a demo today!

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