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How New Englanders Win with Additive Manufacturing

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From the Red Sox to the Patriots, New Englander sports fans have one thing in common – Winning. 6 Super Bowls and 9 World Series wins have made the locals accustomed to a high level of excellence not just in sports, but in their daily lives.  That’s why regional businesses take advantage of 3D Printing to help put some Ws on their own score cards.  Here’s some of the top reasons locals use this cutting edge technology to beat the competition.


The New England States are full of brilliant minds.  With schools like Yale, Harvard, and MIT all calling New England home, the region is a hotbed of innovation. 3D Printers bring these new ideas to life in far less time and money than traditional manufacturing methods. It doesn’t take a genius to know that it can take a lot of trials to develop a new product. The quick turnaround of additive manufacturing allows for multiple iterations until the designer’s vision turns into a perfected reality.


The aerospace industry looms large in New England, and 3D Printing is a natural fit for their prototypes. But a funny thing happens when you start using 3D Printers – you can’t stop thinking of new ways to use them! That’s why aerospace and other industries in New England 3D Print a variety of items found on their shop floors. Gone are the long wait times to replace a broken fixture.  New Englanders instead 3D Print the required tooling and get back to work in no time. Even the most complex tooling can be created with the Markforged Metal X, which prints with tough industrial grade metal strong enough to survive the harshest New England winter.

End Use Parts

You’ve roamed your shop floor and found a million tooling pieces that can be 3D printed. Life is Good. But you’re a New Englander, and nothing but Wicked Awesome will do.  For custom components at low volumes, 3D printing can slash months off of production lead times and massively decrease overhead costs. That’s why businesses use Markforged 3D Printers to create their end use products in durable and strong materials like metal and fire-retardant Onyx.

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