New Markforged Material – A2 Tool Steel

Markforged has been on a roll expanding their material’s portfolio. This is the third release of the month, and the latest material is expanding applications for the Metal X! An exclusive material, since Markforged is the only company 3D printing with it, that does not disappoint.

A2 steel

What is A2?

A2 is a commonly used all-purpose tool steel for cold-working applications. It can be found in tooling and fixtures as well as mold and die shops because it provides a hard edge and is wear resistance. The material opens up more possibilities for applications, specifically those that require a higher hardness and wear resistance compared to H13.

Tell me more...

Gladly. While A2 is classified as cold working – no need to put your coat and earmuffs on. You see A-Series tools are not as “cold” as many presume it to be. The key to cold work applications is that it includes metal forming and shaping without application of heat (i.e. room temperature). In fact, it’s air cooled and that’s what makes it so easy to harden.

Other impressive takeaways…

  • Resistance to deformation from mechanical indentation or abrasion
  • Ability to resist material loss due to abrasion
  • Ability to absorb energy without fracturing
  • Ability to withstand a load without failure

Click the image below to get all details.

markforged tool

When should you use A2?

A2 is a very common tool steel, deemed ‘universal’ to many in the metal industry. Some great uses for it are:

  • Punches and Dies
  • Wear Resistant Inserts
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

What do you need to use the new material?

If you have a Metal X 3D printer and your Eiger software is up to date…there is nothing standing in your way.

When is it available?

Right now! Check out our webstore to place your materials order.

There you have it. Another amazing release from the Markforged team. If you’ve been evaluating the Metal X 3D printer…this is yet another reason as to why there is no better time than now to invest in the powerfully robust unit.


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Markforged Industrial Series 3D Printing Image