New Markforged Material – Copper

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You asked, and Markforged listened. The latest 3D Printing material for the Metal X is…? Copper!

Tell me more

Markforged is the only manufacturer who is commercially offering a pure copper 3D Printing solution. They are offering this material at a competitive price point, and you don’t need specialized safety equipment to use it (how awesome is that)!

Now Copper itself, has some incredible benefits, specifically around its high thermal and electrical conductivity.

So, how does that help me?

If you start 3D Printing with copper you’ll be able to:

  • Do thermal transfer in high power density applications
  • Capitalize on high electrical transfer in space constrained applications
  • Prototype designs rapidly
  • Experience significant design freedom (no more manual brazing)
  • …and the list goes on

In fact, one automotive manufacturer was able to reap major benefits when they began to 3D print spot welding shanks. This manufacturer was able to reduce their part lead time by 12x and reduce their part cost by 6x!

Wait...are you sure this is the real deal?

This is the real deal.

Learn more by checking out this spec sheet.

What do you need to use the new material?

Copper is available exclusively for the Markforged Metal X.

When is it available?

Right now! Check out our webstore to place your materials order.

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