New Markforged Material – D2 Tool Steel

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Markforged’s material portfolio has grown significantly this year. For both composite and metal 3D printing, there is an impressive line up of materials now readily available empowering you to print stronger. The latest? D2 Tool Steel! D2 Tool Steel is the 3rd tool steel, and the 5th metal to join Markforged’s materials.

Different Tool Steels

What is D2 Tool Steel?

D2 is a commonly used high compression wear resistant tool steel for cold-working applications and only Markforged is 3D printing with it.

Tell me more

D2 has a few unique properties. For instance…

  • High compressive strength (Higher than A2)
  • Corrosion resistance (Has added chromium)
  • Sharp edge (Perfect for industrial cutting applications)
  • High hardnesss (60 HRC)

Impressive right? It’s these distinguishing features that make Markforged’s D2 Tool Steel perfect for the following applications:

  • Cutting and forming tools for metal fabrication
  • Adding wear resistance to tools, jigs, and fixtures

…but that’s not all. Seriously, there are over hundreds of different D2 Tool Steel applications. From intricate punches and dies to shear blades and scrap choppers–you can do it all (only quicker since the time and cost will be significantly lower than traditional processes)!

Wait...are you sure this is the real deal?

This is the real deal. The material’s chemical composition meets ASTM A681 for D2 Tool Steel.

Learn more by checking out the spec sheet.

D2 Spec Sheet Snapshot

Is it a good fit for my industry?

Definitely (and we want to hear all about it)! In the meantime, the following verticals are a sure-fit:

  • Sheet Metal Fabricators
  • Manufacturers & Assemblers
  • Large Machine Shops

What do you need to use the new material?

D2 is available exclusively for the Markforged Metal X.

When is it available?

Right now! Check out our webstore to place your materials order.

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