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Whether you are brand new to 3D printing, use it for tooling and fixtures, prototyping, end-use parts, educational purposes or any combination of these applications — adding materials for strength and calculating that cost has never been easier. You can leave your manual calculations in the 80s along with Microsoft Paint, and step into the digital age full force. With significant 3D CAD experience or none at all, all you need is an STL file and know how to click “print” to 3D print the parts you need within hours.

Working tirelessly, Markforged strives to improve cost, time and efficiency savings by improving the 3D printing process and manufacturing methods. First, they launched the first and only 3D desktop, industrial printer that smartly embeds continuous fiber to create a printed composite part, and next they introduced a breakthrough method of 3D printing same-day real metal parts.

The uniqueness of composite fiber 3D printing on a Markforged printer is just as important as the software used to prepare parts for high-strength printing. Here’s how Markforged’s Eiger software is empowering engineers to go from design to final part.

Weight Estimating

One of the great new features of this tool is the weight estimation it gives. The estimation uses the densities provided on the Markforged materials data sheet to approximate part weight. Whether you are weight limited by the tooling for a robotic end-effector, or you want to save weight on a racing vehicle, the tool makes it easier to budget weight effectively for your designs. When your part slices, the weight of the part will automatically update to reflect the current print settings.

Part Pricing & Material Budgeting

For many print services and shops already using Markforged technology, generating quotes has become even easier. Eiger now provides the total material cost of the part, so you can easily use the part cost calculator to help price out your jobs.

Fiber Routing with Markforged Eiger Software screen capture

This tool as a whole provides greater transparency over part cost and fiber routing efficiency. While a Markforged 3D printer has the ability to reinforce its parts with continuous fibers, designing strong parts that are also cost effective is important. Using the cost estimate tool, you can implement different fiber routing techniques to compare costs.

The “Part Details” dropdown enumerates the part weight, print time, and total material cost, and provides descriptions of each material on the screen.

Part Details Dropdown Screen Capture in Markforged Eiger 3D Printing Software

Through powerful fiber routing and slicing intelligence, the software is easy to use for any engineer but allows for a granular level of control when needed. Eiger’s free cloud-based platform is suited for institutions of any size, whether you have one printer or one hundred.

To try out the fiber routing yourself, and check out the other new features, get your FREE trial today by clicking here!

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