Qualified and Certified EPDM Administrators

EPDM Administration UtilityEPDM Administration is an important responsibility. You are managing a business system? that many users at the company you work for rely on daily. So you must be up to the task to efficiently administer your PDM system. Here are some of the skills I feel are important for EPDM administrators to have or to develop:

  • EPDM configuration testing and troubleshooting (The better you are at this, the faster you can respond to your organization’s needs).
  • Strong understanding of SolidWorks references and file management (This is important when importing data. Do you know how SolidWorks resolves references?)
  • System administration (e.g.: Troubleshooting software, OS, basic network connection issues. Testing in a sandbox (good) versus production environment (BAD. Don’t do this!))
  • Project management (e.g.: structuring continuous improvements (versus constant change), managing needs and vault changes).
  • Training and support skills (training and supporting your EPDM users on general usage and your changes)
  • Understanding common workflows for engineering groups (e.g.: lifecycle/revision control and change managment)
  • Understanding system, workflows, and documentation of other departments within an manufacturer (e.g.: continuous imporovement processes, standard operating procedures)
  • Database knowledge (especially basic SQL queries)
  • Understanding other business systems (e.g.: ERP, CRM, SCM?, and PLM (PDM’s big brother))
  • Programming skills (e.g.: macro programming, VB.Net)

This is a long list of skills. I ordered them from what I would consider highest to lowest priority. The order may be debatable, not all are required, and I could be missing some (share your thoughts). I would recommend you work towards.

At a minimum, you should get certified in EPDM Administration shortly after going through EPDM Administration Training. Here is a guideline:

  • Take this EPDM sample test one month after EPDM Admin Training.
  • Become a Certified EPDM Administrator within two months of your EPDM Admin Training.

EPDM Administration is an important responsibility. Develop your skills to serve your organization better. Get certified to ensure you meet the minimum requirements to be a good EPDM Admin.

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