Four Reasons Why You Need SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

PDM Standard or PDM Professional – which SOLIDWORKS product data management software does your company need? Don’t settle for a basic solution until you’ve read why you might need a more robust solution like PDM Professional. From protecting your bottom line to supporting your company’s long-term vision, investing in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional – the professional-level product data management software from SOLIDWORKS – can help your teams perform successfully.

When it comes to software tools like a Product Data Management (PDM) system for your organization, do you stick to the most straightforward solution? If your company expects to scale up in the future, your only choice to remain profitable is to make the right investments today, like with PDM Professional. Like its Standard predecessor, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is designed to help engineering and design teams to manage product-related information, track and collaborate revisions, manage orders, generate BoMs, and more. But, unlike its Standard predecessor, PDM Professional is designed to be more efficient. Here’s a look at four reasons to invest in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional for your company.

1. Scalability and custom configurations for growing companies.

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management has experienced incredible growth as it has benefited not only large companies but also small businesses. But what happens when a small business wants to scale up or a large company becomes bigger?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is wholly equipped to handle the extended demands of a growing company. It provides expandable capabilities that are not available with Standard PDM software, like scalability and custom configurations. That allows companies to tailor the software to their unique requirements and company structure while maintaining speed and efficiency.

2. Better remote access for teams in multiple locations.

As well as helping growing companies expand, PDM Professional can scale from small work teams to several hundreds of designers who work out of global locations. It supports remote access and document or drawing vault replication over a WAN network. All your current design information is accessible to your employees regardless of their location– but not all employees – just the ones you want to grant access to.

PDM Professional also offers replication of a complete vault to multiple team servers. So, numerous teams across locations can connect to the same PDM server without ever experiencing a bottleneck and ensuring better collaboration 24/7.

Choose PDM Professional whether you plan to open multiple locations, work across varying locations, or you’re simply looking to scale up the number of projects you work on. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can grow with your expanding requirements and help you control your product data efficiently.

3. Unlimited workflows.

With SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, you can have unlimited workflows with unlimited states within each of them. This means you can have a unique workflow for each type of file (for example, CAD, Office, templates, etc.) in your system. You can create workflows and process structures for every one of your engineering requirements – and expand these as your business requirements grow. This is especially useful when your team wants to capture each engineering process separately. For instance, you might want to capture the design and change strategies separately.

Unlimited workflows are also useful when multiple teams within your organization want to use the PDM software. Each team can then create its own business processes.

4. Better features included only in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management has a reputation for storing data securely and indexing all design data types for high-speed retrieval. The software also provides safety against data loss and offers exceptional version control abilities across multiple locations. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional delivers all this and much more. Here are some features available only in the Professional version of SOLIDWORKS’ Product Data Management.

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has an integrated serial number generator that automatically names files before entering the file vault. So, you can expect consistent data structure across the entire team.
  • You can check files and change their states within a workflow using native add-ins. That allows you to work within your PDM vault in a specific program.
  • PDM Professional offers three transition types. You can create rules to automatically transition files through a particular workflow without any input from users. Or, you can provide a defined set of rules that multiple users must approve before a transition can be completed. All these tools are handy during an engineering project.
  • Automatically import or export data in and out of the SOLIDWORKS project data management system to your ERP system.
  • The Professional version of SOLIDWORKS PDM makes use of SQL Standard (the standard version makes use of SQL Express) – an advantage for teams looking for better software performance.

There is no doubt that SOLIDWORKS PDM’s Professional version can provide teams with more stability and control, depth of functionality, and better performance. If you have not automated your processes, we urge you to look beyond your immediate needs and think about your company’s future requirements. Even if you are currently using SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, you can upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional quickly, easily, and seamlessly.

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