Software Hosting as a Service (SHaaS)

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Our partners at EpiGrid recently added a new word into our vocabulary, SHaaS. Tanner Knight, really, is who we can thank for the new lingo as he shared a stream of consciousness that has really resonated with us, and everyone around us.

You see, we’re all familiar with SaaS — (Software as a Service) but times are changing. So naturally, our acronyms are too! The industry is shifting into cloud solutions and while the market is used to cloud hosting for pictures (iCloud) and communication (Microsoft Teams/ Google); everyone seems to be leveling up now! We’re moving our CAD into the Cloud.

I’ll pump the brakes. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Woah there! Not everyone!‘ because you can’t relate. While you respect where the industry is headed, you’re a part of the best CAD community, SOLIDWORKS. You’re a true SOLIDWORKS ride or die user and you’re content where you are. You’ve invested in your preferred CAD environment and you don’t want to get rid of it. Well, great news, we don’t want you to either! Cue the new acronym….SHaaS. You see, you don’t have to compromise with SHaaS, or Software HOSTING as a Service. Allow us to explain…

With SHaaS, delivery of Cloud-based CAD tools, you can continue to use your software of choice (like SOLIDWORKS). You’re simply optimizing the experience by leveraging the Cloud for your data management scheme, or by utilizing Cloud-hosted VDI Workstations. The best part? Adoption! Why? There is none! You see there is no learning curve because the core of your work remains in SOLIDWORKS.

Don’t break it if it’s not broken–we hear you. But have you future proofed your engineering environment? The Cloud allows businesses to scale confidently and securely. With little to no IT, you can manage your business just like the big guys. No more barriers to compete. Our partners at EpiGrid provide a game changing infrastructure for you to utilize SOLIDWORKS in new and exciting ways. Ready to talk about the Cloud? We are!