SimulationXpress Analysis

Included with every license of SolidWorks is access to two express versions of the Finite Element Analysis products that SolidWorks offers, SimulationXpress and FloXpress. These tools offer us the ability to perform a first-pass analysis of our parts to aid in our design.

Here is an example of how the SimulationXpress tool can be used to analyze a handle on a container assembly. This assembly has several components, but rather than mesh and include all of them in our analysis, we will represent all other bodies with boundary conditions.

Image 1

To prepare an assembly to be analyzed, we will want to identify how to define our boundary conditions. To do so, I have added several split faces to my part model. The two matching on either end will be used for a fixture to represent the container while the circular split will be used to apply our loading.

Image 2

In this analysis, our load must be applied at a 15′ angle from the Front plane of our part. To do this, I have created a reference Plane2 at a 75′ angle so that the force may be applied normal to this reference plane.

Image 3

Now we can launch SimulationXpress and set up or study. The faces we prepared will be fixed, and a force normal to Plane2 of 3000 N will be applied to the circular face. The material is AISI 304 Steel. Now the study can be run.

Image 4

Here we can see the Von Mises Stess results. We can see the max value of the stress has been calculated to be about 20 MPa, much lower than the Yield Stress of 206 MPa for 304 Steel.

Image 5

And here we have the displacement results. Note the deformation scale of 3317.58 that is calculated automatically so that the displacement is more obvious. The max displacement value for this study is .0091 mm.