SOLIDWORKS 2018: 8 New Ways to Work Smarter

Great products begin with great designs — from concepts to manufactured parts and assemblies. SOLIDWORKS 2018 provides new tools and enhancements to help you get your design to manufacturing faster, with higher quality and at lower costs.

Take a look these at 8 new features and enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018 that will help accelerate innovation and grow your business.

1. A New, More Intuitive User Experience

SOLIDWORKS 2018 supports freehand sketching with pen or touch on compatible devices. Mouse gestures have been increased to 12 from 8 and allow for printable lists of your shortcut so you can navigate SOLIDWORKS with the greatest of ease. Gestures are also printable for quick reference. With these new user interface enhancements, you can now design faster than ever.

More Intuitive User Experience in SOLIDWORKS 2018

2. SOLIDWORKS Inspection Support for MBD

With the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018, you can now create inspection documentation directly from 3D models with Production Manufacturing Information, as well as from 2D drawings, PDFs, and TIFFs. SOLIDWORKS Inspection is now integrated with SOLIDWORKS PDM, and supports SOLIDWORKS part and assembly files (*.sldprt, *.sldasm), as well as nonnative 3D CAD formats.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Support for MBD

3. Generative Design for Better Part Geometry

Utilize the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topology Study tool to automatically optimize the shape of a design based on weight, function, and manufacturing criteria. Improve performance or reduce product weight based on simulation and manufacturing constraints. By specifying the type and magnitude of loads, generative design will determine the mass of material that is truly necessary for your application.

Generative Design for Better Part Geometry with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

4. Work Directly with Mesh Data and Gain More Flexibility with 3D Interconnect

Work with mesh data similar to surface or solid geometry. Combine, intersect, split, move/copy, cut with surface, and check for interference. In addition, quickly fit surface bodies to regions of mesh models.

Seamlessly work with more file formats including ACIS, STEP, and IGES, and automatically update your design whenever new files are received. In addition, 3D Interconnect now supports internal file information like custom properties, materials properties, and reference axes.

Work Directly With Mesh Data and Gain More Flexibility With 3D Interconnect

5. Design Branching and Merging

Users are able to investigate different design approaches without impacting approved files with the new features in SOLIDWORKS PDM. The software also helps to streamline the process of working with external users. Branch and Merge is also effective for testing out new prototype designs. Simply branch off the original and let the creativity flow while the original stays safe in the vault.

Design Branching and Merging

6. SOLIDWORKS Manage for Project and Process Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage provides data management, project management, and process management all in one familiar package. It adds powerful project, process, and item management capabilities to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

SOLIDWORKS Manage for Project and Process Management

7. Powerful Usability Enhancements for Electrical Routing

Routing is faster and easier with more detail than ever before. New features include drag and drop of in-line connectors and support for shrink-wraps and boots. Users can also now flatten a route in drawing with support for clips and disjointed routes.

8. SOLIDWORKS CAM for CNC Machining

Users can now seamlessly integrate design and manufacturing with easy-to-use, world class CAM technology. Powered by CAMWorks™, SOLIDWORKS® CAM is production-proven, seamlessly integrated CAM for SOLIDWORKS that provides rules-based machining and automatic feature recognition to dramatically streamline, and even automate, CNC manufacturing operations.



Try out these five new enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018 to learn how you can improve your efficiency and work like a CAD speed demon!