Reasons to Participate in SolidWorks 2013 BETA

Beta 2013 Banner

With the summer months almost upon us, the arrival of SolidWorks Beta 2013 comes closer. Prior to the official new release typically in October, SolidWorks runs a beta program during the summer to give all users with subscription service early access to the new release.

This is a great opportunity during the summer months to test out the software and help identify any issues before the full release. SolidWorks has a dedicated support team during the beta period to help users during this testing period. You also get an opportunity to win prizes for your efforts.

Why is it important to participate? Before any upgrade to a new release, we always encourage a migration plan and testing. By building up this plan and testing during the beta period during the slower summer months, you can increase the chances of potential issues getting fixed prior to the full release. Bug fixes can be implemented a lot faster when they are identified in the alpha/beta cycles.

When the beta program launches, you can sign up and download SolidWorks from the Beta home page at If you’d like to get notified by email about beta events, be sure to set up your SolidWorks Customer portal preferences to “Notify me for Beta Programs”. To change your settings, log into your SolidWorks Customer Portal account. Click on the “My Profile” link and check on the settings you’d like for your preferences.

Customer Portal Preferences

DesignPoint is also considering running a beta event at our locations depending on customer interest. If you’re interested in participating in a beta event at the DesignPoint offices where you can bring your data and test the software using our computers, please fill out the brief online form – Beta 2013 Testing Event Survey.