SolidWorks Bills of Materials with EPDM

Enterprise PDM is a very powerful tool for BOM sharing and management. For quick access, they are available on the BOM tab of your Vault View (Windows Explorer). The EPDM administrator can format BOMs for many departments and applications. So if Engineering, Purchasing, and Manufacturing need different column view, it just needs to be setup. A copy of a SolidWorks BOM is accessible once a BOM is created inside the Assembly or Drawing.

The SolidWorks BOM shows the items with their item numbers and columns as created in the model. The images below show the BOM in SolidWorks and then accessing it inside EPDM. Notice two other BOMs are available to the user in the EPDM Vault View: BOM (a general format of the bom) and Deliverables (which may be formatted differently for other purposes).

SolidWorks BOM
SolidWorks BOM on Assembly Drawing

EPDM BOM View of SolidWorks BOM?

With the proper permissions, users can create variations on the SolidWorks computed BOM called named BOMs. These named BOMs can include items not shown in the computed BOM. So another department could add items such as packaging, shipping documentation, and other literature. These named BOMs could also be managed in workflow.

When a BOM is generated in the Vault View it can be opened and saved for manual import into another system (e.g.: ERP or MRP). For more advanced system communication options, use EPDM Import/Export rules or communicate API programming. These processes could be automated so they create BOM data files upon Release of a document.

This is one of those great examples of how EPDM can share critical design information more efficiently and accurately.