SOLIDWORKS Certifications

certification bannerIf you’ve heard about the SOLIDWORKS Certification Program then you’ve probably checked out their Certification Catalog. This page lists all of the certifications offered by SOLIDWORKS as well as descriptions of the certification exams, sample exams, etc. Did you know that as an active subscription customer you’re also entitled to a voucher to take an exam of your choice for free once every 6 months (this free exam offer is valid for current subscription service customers only)? It’s true! We’ll show you how in just a second…but first, the available certifications are:

  • CSWA – Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate
  • CSWP – Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional
  • CSWE – Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert
  • CEPA – Certified Enterprise PDM Administrator
  • CSDA – Certified Sustainable Design Associate
  • CSWSA-FEA – Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Associate – Finite Element Analysis
  • CSWP-Sheet Metal – Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Sheet Metal Specialist
  • CSWP-Weldments – Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Weldment Specialist
  • CSWP-Surfacing – Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Surfacing Specialist
  • CSWP-Mold Tools – Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Mold Tools Specialist
  • CSWP-Drawing Tools – Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Drawing Tools Specialist
  • CSWSP-FEA – Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional – Finite Element Analysis

Quick LinksOnce you visit the SOLIDWORKS Certification page, you can click on each certification to check out the details of the exam including exam length, minimum passing grade, and a list of the topics covered. There is a section on the right hand side of the page called Quick Links which provides links to a sample exam as well as the Certification Offer for Subscription Service Customers.

To gain access to the Certification Offer for Subscription Service Customers section you will have to login with your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Account. Once on the page, you will find three different promotional codes available for three different exams.

Certification Offer

To use a promo code, highlight the code, copy it to your clipboard (or write it down), go back to a page with the Quick Links box, and choose Purchase Certification Exam. In the web store, add each exam to your shopping cart and you will be prompted for a promo code upon checkout. After checkout you will be provided with instructions to take the certification exam at your convenience.

For the best shot as passing the exams:

  • Make sure you have the time set aside to dedicate to the exam – don’t get pressured by other work.
  • Take the exam on a familiar setup – nothing is worse than hunting for commands during a timed exam.
  • Use dual monitors if possible – this allows SOLIDWORKS to run on one screen and the exam on the other.
  • Know each topic in the exam description – the description is provided so you don’t get thrown a curve-ball.

These certifications are a way to set yourself apart from the millions of SOLIDWORKS users worldwide. If you haven’t thought about taking SOLIDWORKS Certification exams before, I hope this information will help lean you in that direction.

Good Luck!