SolidWorks 2020 New Features Applied to Real Design Problems

You may have previously stumbled upon an old blog highlighting new SOLIDWORKS features applied to real design problems, but we are now going to take a deeper dive into new concepts and techniques that SOLIDWORKS 2020 has introduced!

1. Repair Missing Fillet References

It is now possible in SOLIDWORKS 2020 to repair missing fillet references automatically! I’m sure you have experienced a dilemma where you made a minor change to your model which caused fillets to have a “missing edge reference” even though the geometry resided exactly where it used to be. This new feature eliminates the need to re-select missing edges by searching for new edges that are close to the missing ones.

So, what’s it like In Real Life (IRL)?
Machinists and fabricators who live by the famous “break all sharp edges” are likely familiar with models that use a lot of fillets, so when changes present themselves, it will make updating those models quicker and easier! We can take a machined part, like the gearbox part below, and with the right click of a mouse, attempt to repair all missing references after making a geometry update to the spokes. If SOLIDWORKS can’t find those references you can also “Clear All Missing References” and get a clean start on reshaping your model.

Edges identified and automatically selected using “Repair All Missing References”

2. Mirror Orientation Control

Assembly patterns provide an efficient way to add multiple copies of components to your assemblies. SOLIDWORKS 2020 introduces new enhancements to make this even more productive! With mirroring components, the option to change the orientation of mirrored components is now easier to understand. In fact, you now have quick access buttons within the property manager!

SOLIDWORKS 2019 vs. 2020 Mirror Component Changes

So, what’s it like IRL?
Packaging designers and engineers that make trays for medical devices, electronics, or other related industries can benefit from these tools. Creating optimized layouts to package products may require decreasing overall footprint by anti-aligning products. Typically, we would use a circular pattern to accomplish this, but the enhanced mirror orientation controls can make those modifications simpler without the feature tree breaking!

Quick access buttons make it easier to jump between different orientations)

These are just two of many new enhancements that SOLIDWORKS 2020 brings to the table! We hope to cover more content in future blog posts, but in the interim, please feel free to bookmark our resource library for all things DesignPoint and SOLIDWORKS, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you!