SOLIDWORKS No Longer to Mail DVD Media

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Have you heard?

With the release of SW2019, a lot of you may or may not have been patiently waiting for the mailman to bring your media kit. I’m here to let you know, it’s not coming any time soon.

SOLIDWORKS recently sent out a corporate email notice to all of its customers to inform them that DVD media kits would no longer be sent to distribute their software.

In case you missed that announcement, we wanted to take a second to address this new change in process and explain what it really means for our customers here at DesignPoint.

So, what does it mean?

SOLIDWORKS is eliminating all media kits, whether you’re a long-time subscription customer or a new SOLIDWORKS user. Upon initial purchase, or new software releases, and alternative method of distribution will be available.

So, what is this new method… how will software be delivered? Electronic distribution is safer on the environment, has quicker turn-around, and serves as a modern day solution. Most customers are already using it as the means by which they do their upgrades and installs.

Still interested in a hard copy? No worries. Should you need to upgrade via physical media, you can follow this link to request a DVD Media Kit.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager

Does this get rid of Tech Support on installation/ upgrades?

Of course not! Here at DesignPoint, we value your overall experience. If you are a first time user, you will automatically be contacted by one of our SOLIDWORKS Certified Application Engineers to ensure your install runs smoothly.

Upgrades? Those too. Please feel free to call our team at 1 844-721-7211 and Press 3 for Support should you need any assistance whatsoever!

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