SOLIDWORKS PDM Quick Tip: the ‘Show Where the Variable is Used’ Tool

PDM Admin Tool Show Where the Variable is Used

Tracking Down Your Variables

Have you ever needed to track down where one of your variables is used in SOLIDWORKS PDM? There is a helpful resource in the PDM Administration Tool that lets you see where a variable has been used. It has a fairly self-explanatory name: Show Where the Variable is Used. Let’s use it to track down a couple of variables and see what kind of information we can find.

PDM Admin Tool Show Where the Variable is Used on Data Cards

Data Card Variables

Data cards are the foundation of where variables are used in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Any data card that uses this variable will show up on the list of results. However, it does not narrow down the location other than the card, so keep that in mind if you have a complex card with multiple tabs. This is a great way to get started for simple variables that are stored for multiple file types.

PDM Admin Tool Show Where the Variable is Used in Workflows

Variables in Workflows

A commonly used variable such as Revision will be found in more locations than just the data card. As you can see from the image, this variable is used extensively. There are cards that use it, search results, BOM’s, and even states of the workflow. If you want to track down a variable like Revision, then use the Show Where the Variable is Used option by right clicking on the variable in the PDM Admin Tool.

Show Me the Money

This tool has helped in situations where a complex data card used a variable more than once and we were trying to track down why the value kept changing. This simple tool is good to have in your toolbelt and is a simple test to track down where your variables are used and ensures that you DON’T have one where it’s not supposed to be. Thanks for joining us for a SOLIDWORKS PDM Quick Tip and check our Resource Library for more helpful content. Remember DesignPoint is where More is Possible®.