SOLIDWORKS Quick Reference

Quick Reference Sheet for SOLIDWORKS

Here’s a Tip, You can Always Improve!

Here at DesignPoint we know that you should never stop learning. I have used SOLIDWORKS for over 10 years and I still learn things all the time. Some things are so important that they change the way I use SOLIDWORKS, and I cannot remember life without them. Some things are great, but I need a quick reference sheet to help me remember them when it’s time to use them. That’s why we created this quick reference sheet for you with some of our favorite tips and tricks.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Short-cuts for SOLIDWORKS

Keyboard short-cuts and commands have been around longer than I have been alive, but most of them would never be known without a list. These are especially helpful when designing a model in a part file. Here are a couple of the ones we think you will use the most.

Command Search and View Tool

Command Search and View Tool in SOLIDWORKS

One of my favorite things to do is search for a command using the search bar in the top right of the screen in SOLIDWORKS. This is helpful because I can see a list of potential matches and select the one that I am looking for. I can also grab any icon from the list and drag it into my toolbar ribbon, so I do not have to go looking for it next time. The view toolbar can be used to create custom views and save them for future use.

Mouse Shortcuts

Mouse Shortcuts for SOLIDWORKS

The two main ways to access short-cuts with your mouse is to either first hit the “S” key on your keyboard and select the appropriate icon, or to use mouse gestures where you right click and hold and then you can move in any direction you want to select the right tool. Each of these short-cut menus can be customized to what you use the most and is also dependent on where it is being used. If you are editing a part the options will be relative to part editing and the same goes for sketches.

Open Recent Documents and Switch Windows

Recent Documents and Switch Windows in SOLIDWORKS

One common need is to open recent documents. The quickest way to do this is simply hitting the “R” key and then you will have a visual list with all the recent documents. Once you have opened the files you need you can switch back and forth from the most recent windows by using the Ctrl + Tab keys.

Mouse Selection and Moving Components

Mouse Selections and Moving Components in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

One of the reasons this sheet was put together is the green vs. blue boxes when selecting in the graphics window. If you start the cursor, hold, and drag from right to left then a green selection box will appear and will only select items fully enclosed by the box. If you go from left to right, then a blue box will appear and select anything that it comes in contact with. This is amazingly helpful to get the right group of items you need in an assembly. Also, when placing components, you can move them with a simple left click or your can rotate them with a right click and drag. This helps to better position them for applying mates.

This Only the Beginning

There are thousands of helpful tips and tricks when using SOLIDWORKS, this is only the beginning. Experienced users will know most of these short-cuts but do not let that fool you into thinking that you know them all. These are a couple of fundamental topics that we here at DesignPoint wanted to provide as a quick reference sheet. Be on the lookout for even more quick reference sheets and check out our resource library for more helpful articles. Remember at DesignPoint More is Possible®.