Train Like an Athlete to Win like an Engineer

Nothin' but Net

The recent tragic loss of Kobe Bryant has us recollecting some of his greatest plays on the basketball court. What a legend. And here’s the crazy part: while Bryant and other star athletes shine in the spotlight, its nothing compared to the work they put in behind the scenes.

Take Lebron James, for example. When he brought the NBA Championships to Cleveland and Miami, he didn’t do it by just showing up for tip-off.  Instead, he spent countless hours at the gym, on the basketball court, and even on the yoga mat training hard to bring his A-Game on Game Day. James and countless other athletes don’t just work harder than everyone else – they TRAIN harder than everyone else, too. The same goes for engineers – those who dedicate time to proper training are the best positioned to bring home a Win for their team. Let’s explore a few ways SOLIDWORKS training helps engineers and manufacturers win big in business.

Power Play

Sometimes its all about muscle. The stronger you are the more powerful you will be, plain and simple.

Consider the archer who prepares her shot by pulling back her bow before releasing the arrow. Pulling that arrow back prepares it for the high velocity required to reach its target. The stronger the archer, the more velocity she will get. Engineers who take advantage of SOLIDWORKS training achieve the same result.  SOLIDWORKS is only as powerful as the people who use it. A more knowledgeable team will yield a higher return on your SOLIDWORKS investment. Take the time to prepare them with powerful training and they will hit your business’s target at the highest possible speed.

Enhanced Flexibility

It’s a personal trainer’s constant refrain – flexibility prevents injury. Whereas a good stretch on the mat may make your muscles more nimble, stretching your mind can open your business up to new opportunities AND prevent a lot of mistakes before they happen. Staying up to date on the most recent SOLIDWORKS innovations enables engineers to flex their intellectual muscles when designing products or parts. And when a complex design challenge arises, engineers who are cross-trained on a variety of SOLIDWORKS areas like:

  • Simulation
  • Surface Modeling
  • Advanced Assembly Modeling

…those guys and gals – well, they approach the issue from a different, and winning, perspective because they can pull from the varied and in-depth knowledge they’ve gained!

Work from the Same Playbook

A quarterback can’t make a touchdown if his teammates doesn’t know where he will throw the ball. This is why the team lives and dies by their playbook, ensuring everyone knows what to do even if the QB calls an audible. Now imagine pulling up a co-worker’s design without understanding the original intent. One small change could make the model fall apart, and suddenly you’ve dropped the ball for the whole project. SOLIDWORKS training establishes a set of standardized practices across your entire team. When everyone works from the same playbook you establish a failsafe way to not only protect your assets but grow them as you build your company’s future together. And, by the way, it is not enough to just send the “JV squad” to SOLIDWORKS training. Continuous improvement for your entire team – whether they are the newbie or the your most experienced colleague – ensures that ALL of your engineers are up-to-date on the same design standards and practices, leaving no one behind to fumble the ball.  Still not convinced that seasoned engineers can benefit from training? Read why it’s important straight from a seasoned engineer!

Are you ready to put up some Ws on your company’s scoreboard?  DesignPoint offers SOLIDWORKS training at every level. From the fundamentals to advance classes, OUR team of talented trainers makes sure YOUR team is full of all-star engineers.  Give us a call to schedule training for your entire team today.

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