SolidWorks Weldments: Thinking outside of the box-ment

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It is amazing to me how little this excellent feature in SolidWorks is used by the average user. I don’t know if it is because they haven’t been trained on using it, are not sure how to apply it to their designs, or think “Weldment” is meant only for welded frames. Weldments help you quickly design anything that uses “EXTRUSIONS”, and is able to quickly generate a cutlist of your various extrusions. Extrusions are everywhere in our life, and you can use Solidworks to save you time with these designs.

Weldments are great if you are designing a welded frame and most users will end up using it for this application. The name of the tool set leads a user right to it. What about users that may not be working with welded steel members, but still use extrusions or extrude-able profiles?

Bill2 Bill3 Bill4 Bill5 Bill6 Bill7

Bill8Notice that from the pictures above, only the piping cabinet has actual “welds” in it, butall are great applications for Weldmentsbecause they all contain extrude-able profiles. Any member that has a constant profile through the entire length (straight or curved) can be quickly modeled with Weldments. All that is required is a sketch(s) that contain the location and length of the profiles. Weldments can also be mitered or coped against other members easily. This limits your design effort to setting up your weldment profile sketches, 3D sketching your wireframe member layout lines. You do not have to spend time creating an assembly, making drawings of those multiple part files, and adding required mates. The weldment part contains all that information (and then some) on how the “weldment” is to be assembled with a single file and 0 mates.

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