Strategies to Prepare for and Thrive During Times of Crisis

Your Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Preview

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

We hate to be a Debbie Downer, but pretending like nothing can harm your business is NOT a successful strategy. Risk comes from all areas, and the more you think about what those problems could be, the better prepared you will be to address them. We all know firsthand that global events have a local impact. Pandemics, natural disasters, economic turndowns, and even government regime changes can have unexpected outcomes on everyone’s bottom line. Then there’s the risks that may only affect your business such as security threats, legal disputes, or a supply chain disruption. Making a list of these possibilities will get you on the path toward establishing proactive solutions before the problems arise. Need some inspo? Some guidance? We put together this infographic to address your business continuity plan. Open it up and follow along with our blog!

How Will “the Worst” Impact Your Business?

Once you see WHAT problems may arise, contemplate HOW those challenges could affect your business. Data, assets and profits all can be lost in crisis mode. Your own people might be impacted when disaster strikes. What would that do to your ability to secure your business’s future? Also consider the impact challenging times can have on your less tangible assets. Your reputation and corporate culture are the public face of your company. Plan to safeguard them just as fiercely as your people, data and profits.

Plan for the Worst to Bring Out Your Best

Now that you are completely freaked out over all of this impeding disaster…DON’T WORRY! DesignPoint’s advisory team will recommend a suite of strategies to help you overcome any challenge. For example, automate your design processes via DriveWorks now so it will be easy to keep them going later. Need a remote work solution? SOLIDWORKS’ Product Data Management systems keep everyone on the same page no matter where they are working. And don’t forget those all-important intangibles. DesignPoint is an expert on People and Corporate Culture, and we’re ready to share our experiences to keep your team intact and on task.

Make Sure the Best is Yet to Come

Your disaster plans are set, but don’t let them sit dusty on a shelf until you need them. Implement ongoing maintenance protocols to ensure things are running smoothly BEFORE a crisis sets in. DesignPoint is ready to assist there, too. Routine assessments and health checks on your systems guarantees maximum ROI and efficiency. Comprehensive SOLIDWORKS Training ensures your team is also operating at the highest level. And big picture thinking about where your company is headed and how to get there will future-proof your business no matter what may happen. With DesignPoint at your side, imagining the worst will bring out your best not just when disaster strikes, but every day.


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