Structural Simulation and Design: What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS 2022

What’s new on the 3DExperience platform?

3DExperience Works offers organizations a portfolio of cloud solutions that allows key stakeholders to collaborate on projects on a single platform. The platform has something for your designers, engineers, analysts, manufacturers, and executives.  While there’s something new for everyone on the 3DExperience platform, this blog concentrates on what’s new in terms of structural simulations and design.


  1. Don’t you like what you see? Design better-looking models with realistic-looking materials (choose from several hundreds of new kinds of material) and then accurately represent your final product on screen. Now you can seamlessly change the model before internal/external design reviews.
  1. With the Rapid3D functionality, you can get the wall-on-edge command. This is possible from any of the edges, at cursor level. That drastically reduces the distance your mouse has to travel and the number of repetitive clicks to select features.
  1. It’s not uncommon to start a design with several parts and later thought – this could have easily been made as a single piece. Now, you can dissolve several parts into a single piece and effortlessly reorganize the assembly structure of your design. Dissolve is a single modeling capability that allows you to restructure or regroup assemblies entirely without losing fidelity. While this feature was present even in the past, it has been enhanced in the new version.
  1. A clearance check allows you to find clearance values in an assembly automatically. This unique feature can be likened to a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) check that helps you detect potentially expensive interferences before it is fabricated.
  1. Sketch and feature equations allow you to maintain design intent. For example, if you have a plate and a hole, and you want the hole depth always to be a quarter the thickness of the plate. Then, you can specify this so that the hole’s depth from then on is consistently given by the plate’s thickness. The new feature picks up parameters per feature or sketch and builds equations quickly. So it’s easier now to develop mathematical relationships between two or more parameters so you can create complex relationships between various areas in your design.
  1. Assembly planning can be very complicated and, therefore, time-consuming. With the new version of 3DExperience Works, you convert all your 2D sketches assembly mechanisms. Once validated, you can directly get into 3D modeling, sure that your assembly designs are just as you envisioned them to be.
  1. The new Helical Curve command is exact and helps you create various helical curves with different parameters.
  1. You can now copy and paste a complete sketch with all its dimensions and constraints. Or, if you want, you can copy/paste individual shapes/patterns seamlessly into your sketch’s geometry.
  1. Scaling was a new feature added to the previous update of the 3DExperience platform. It allowed you to scale non-uniformly. With the latest update, the scale direction can be changed.

Structural Simulation

With the new capabilities of the 3DExperience platform, you can solve your most challenging FEA problems. Use SIMULIA’s comprehensive set of structural analysis capabilities to create better designs and your product’s performance and quality.

  1. Now, you can streamline the simulation process by creating multi-bodies with SOLIDWORKS and making them available for high-end simulations on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Each component of a multi-body is automatically treated as an assembly component. So you can mix and match materials and interactions on the 3DExperience platform along with SIMULIA apps.
  1. Solving complex 3D models accurately and coming up with a reliable structure was a time-consuming affair. Computation, set-up, and post-processing visualization all took considerable time. One of the new features of the 3Dexperience platform is a fully automated axisymmetric finite elemental model (FEM) that saves computational and set-up time. That applies to structures subjected to axisymmetric loading (rubber gaskets, wheels, bottles, discs, and any other structures of revolution (with symmetry around an axis).
  1. Collaboration and communication across teams is a critical aspect of design. However, it’s common for designers and engineers to overlook collaboration and communication. Now, it’s possible to share your simulation results with the rest of your team and with other groups in a chat conversation.

The 3DExperience platform has proved to be a game-changer – both for business and innovation. It helps design teams create products using virtual experiences while providing a platform that connects people, data, and ideas. With the new 3DExperience Works, Dassault Systemes has ensured engineers, analysts, and designers have integrated tools that can guide design decisions and improve product quality and performance.

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