The business environment is rapidly evolving, but one thing is certain and becoming even more evident as time passes. Collaboration is a vital component of the way forward. Especially as the world moves faster and greater emphasis is placed on optimization, integrated processes and software that can bring people together.

Well, the offers promised a few months ago by SOLIDWORKS CEO, Gian Paolo Bassi, at 3DEXPERIENCE World are finally here! And they are just as good as we expected. Let’s take a better look at these offers, as well as both the 3DEXPERIENCE and SOLIDWORKS (plus the integration of the two).

3DEXPERIENCE, SOLIDWORKS, and the Integrated Platform

Combining the 3D CAD power of SOLIDWORKS with the collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows for better, more inclusive decisions to be made faster. This dynamic duo facilitates the connection of all the right people with necessary information, at just the right time.

So, let’s take a step back. We all know and love SOLIDWORKS (I mean, come on?!). It’s one of the leading 3D CAD solutions available today, with over 6 million users worldwide. What about the 3DEXPERIENCE? For those who don’t know, the 3DEXPERIENCE is a suite of design apps offering a cloud-based, seamless product development workflow process.

Until recently, the two solutions were separate software packages, though many purchased and used them together. The functionalities are naturally complementary in team environments. In the version update for 2020, Dassault and SOLIDWORKS came together to combine the two in a truly innovative and supportive way. The new offers further ease the adoption of the integrated platform. So, wins all around!

When combined, the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS integrated platform facilitates a multidisciplinary and collaborative design process (from development through production). This includes product development and lifecycle management, project and data management, conceptual design, and collaboration tools.

Simply put, the combined software solution brings teams, information, and processes together in one place inside the Cloud. Users get more robust functionality and increased productivity.


The offers themselves are great. To add even more value, the packages come with training courses and access to a thriving community (both offered online), plus support offered through your local 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS reseller (because More is Possible® and we want you to not just invest, but leverage and win with your investments).

Three options are being presented: Standard, Professional, and Premium. We can see how they stack up against one another right here.

All in all, you’ll see the varying options, or experiences if you will, support businesses now more than ever—to do more.  This is particularly helpful in a world where many of us are working from home—which is a phenomenon likely to continue into the future. Give your teams the upper hand by upgrading to the innovative, interconnected 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS solution. One of the above offers should make it exceptionally easy.


In short, the main advantages of working with the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS platform are:

  • Organization and Security – Keep everything in one place, safely inside the Cloud
  • Robustness and Power – Enjoy complex 3D design capability and testing functionality
  • Collaboration and Flexibility – Leverage responsive AI, cloud-based access and sharing, plus built-in collaborative tools

DesignPoint: Your Partner in Transforming the Future of Business

The 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS offers were worth the short wait. With ever-more advanced integration and innovative collaboration, this tool will pave a successful way for the future of your business. Take advantage of these offers while they last!

When you’re ready to level up your business with these offers and this robust software, contact us. DesignPoint is here to help you streamline and transform your efforts by upgrading your solutions to the latest and greatest.