The Enterprise PDM Time Machine

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OK, so Enterprise PDM is not really a time machine. I am really stretching the truth with this one. But with EPDM it is pretty easy to go back to an older version of your work. That’s kind of like a time machine, right?

Let’s just imagine this scenario that would illustrate how this could be useful. You are in a meeting and someone says “I think it would be better if this part in the assembly was what it was two weeks ago. Don’t forget about the deadline tomorrow.” You cringe thinking to yourself that you don’t have a backup on your local computer and it will take a lot of work to manually reconstruct / deconstruct the part. Well you could ask IT to restore the file from backups and then try and get that file back into your assembly. Of course, this could be challenging too. For one, IT has to be available too (We all know how busy IT can be). Another issue could be IT may restore the wrong file because of a miscommunication.

Well, one of the great things about EPDM is that users can take snapshots of their designs, giving them control over some level of backups. This snapshot is easily performed by users just by checking in files (which pretty much is as easy as saving a file). Users then could go back to one of the previous versions to view or bring the file back as the current version. It’s like going back in time and bringing back a piece of history. Yeah, maybe you could do this too with backups. But watch the video below and see how easy it is with Enterprise PDM.



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