The Truth About Hiring Consultants

When it comes to business strategy, it may seem like an easy enough task at first glance.

But the truth is, most businesses do not have the time, or the capacity, or the internal team members in place to be able to do strategic planning well. Often, leadership is harried, running from one meeting to the next. Staff are already overworked or are under-skilled for the high-level task of business strategy. Or, in some cases, the visionary is no longer at the helm, and overarching direction is lacking.

Whatever the circumstances that render an organization unable to navigate the waters of change adequately, this is where a quality consultant firm comes into play.

When an issue arises that the internal team either doesn’t have the time or the capability to solve, a consulting firm can provide viable solutions. But what can they help companies with? Are they worth the money? What kinds of things are consultants best at?

In this post, we share the truth about hiring a consultant.

First Things First, What Do Consultants Do?

Consultant firms most often serve as an objective third party when an organization is facing change or challenges. Consultants come into an organization with an external, big picture perspective. They are there to help.

They are brilliant at using their inherent objectivity to adeptly work around issues that internal teams may have struggled with for months. Consultants are experts in their field and are also very often masterful facilitators.

Here are three reasons to hire a consultant:

1. To Supplement Necessary Skillsets

Sometimes, we just don’t have all the resources internally that we need to solve a challenge. Perhaps the business is short-staffed or lacks a certain skill set needed to complete a vital task. In that case, hiring a consultant firm to bring that specific skill to the table could really make the difference.

This is likely the most common reason a business would hire a consultant firm. Consultants come in many flavors and areas of expertise. Regardless of the skill set your company needs, hiring a consultant is like bringing in an expert advisor.

These are highly capable, intelligent, and skilled people. A consultant can help whether your company:

  • Is looking to grow into and explore new markets
  • Needs to perform in-depth research and analysis
  • Is re-envisioning current practices or the business as a whole
  • Wants to streamline processes
  • Is facing an organizational restructure and uncertain how to proceed in a humane and equitable manner
  • Has a new investment opportunity and needs to provide solid data and documentation to support

If your internal team doesn’t have the necessary skills to solve a problem, bringing in an outside consultant can supplement missing skillsets and shed light on the best way forward.

2. To Gain Clarity

Consultants will immediately be able to provide an outside opinion. They will approach any challenges with a big picture perspective and automatically see things with fresh eyes. In truth, the clarity they can bring may be one of their greatest strengths and highest value offerings!

They can objectively help your organization make thoughtful decisions, create realistic timelines, and define clear goals. They are great at encouraging inspired and purposeful action toward what you really want to achieve.

3. To Leverage Expert Facilitation

One reason that companies get stuck in challenges or even when they’re in the face of amazing opportunities is that they can’t quite see the way forward. Or they get mired in disagreements about the best way to proceed. This results in gridlock, with nothing getting solved!

Enter a highly-skilled consultant. They bring masterful facilitation skills, guiding your teams nearly effortlessly through some of the most critical decision points. They bring that clarity we talked about above, and they often have seen issues like yours before. They can suggest proven solutions.

Their expertise and objectivity allow them to naturally spot opportunities for agreement and forward motion that perhaps had been missed previously in internal discussions. Simply by bringing expert facilitation to your project meetings and teams, consultants can help get your organization moving ahead again.

More Is Possible® with DesignPoint: Transform Challenges into Growth

If you’re facing tough challenges or a massive (and perhaps intimidating) opportunity, you may want a bit of guidance or support. Hiring a consultant could be the right road to take. Just answer this one question: could your business benefit from thorough, thoughtful guidance that meets you where you are and propels you toward where you want to go?

If so, we’re here for you. At DesignPoint, we know that “good enough is never good enough.” Our expert team will help you realize that More Is Possible®. In all that we do, we strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Let us help you move forward powerfully!