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How many times a day do you see this?

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SOLIDWORKS is telling us that there is something wrong with this sketch. Sure; we could spend a few minutes trying to understand what the problem is, and how to correct it; however, shouldn’t we be focusing on ‘the big picture’, rather than the relations in a sketch?

If you agree with the previous statement then I want to introduce you to a time-saving tool for scenarios like this: SketchXpert.

With your sketch active go to: Tools>Sketch Tools>SketchXpert

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Once you click on SketchXpert, you can either have SOLIDWORKS Diagnose your sketch, or you can manually repair it. In this case we will explore the first option.

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Now that we have selected to diagnose our sketch, SOLIDWORKS will show us all the different ways in which our sketch can be repaired, as well as the dimensions/relations that would need to be removed for each potential solution.

The following are the 4 possible solutions for our case:’

Solution 1:
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In this case, a tangent relation would need to be removed. Note that in the graphics area the tangent relation gets crossed with a red line.

Solution 2:
Blog 5In this case, a distance dimension would need to be removed. Note that in the graphics area you can see how your solution (black) compares to the current state of the sketch (yellow).

Solution 3:
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In this case, a diameter dimension would need to be removed. Note that all lines in the sketch are black. This means that that if we accepted this solution, our sketch would be fully defined.

Solution 4:
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This is our last potential solution.

Finally, all we have to do is to accept the solution that works best of our design, and’

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Voila! Our sketch is repaired.

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