Today’s Modeling Challenge: Model a Chess Rook

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Recently two of my hobbies converged into an interesting modeling exercise. My interest in chess and the challenge I find in modeling objects I come across with SolidWorks were combined to recreate a fascinating rook design.


Modeling chess pieces is something in particular I find interesting, let’s take a look at how this one could be made. When I begin creating an object, especially one without known dimensions or drawings, I like to really get a sense of the big picture process ahead of time. In this case, the feature that I saw to be central to the part was the spiral staircase within it. From there, I would extrude the outer wall and then revolve the base, and pattern the ring of bosses at the top.

But then I was posed with the puzzle, how to model a spiral staircase. Up to this point, I was not particularly familiar with the Wrap feature, and so I toyed with 3-D sketching for a few minutes before deciding there had to be a better way. Sure enough, the perfect tool for the job turned out to be this particular feature.

As we can see here, to use the Wrap feature, we create a sketch on a plane tangent to a cylindrical face. Then this face will be “wrapped” around it and extruded out a certain distance. In this case, I was able to create my stair in just this quick and easy step (pun intended).

Rook-2 Rook-3

The rest of the process followed quickly, and now here is my rook!


As you can see, the next step I could continue with would be to cut the brick pattern into my outer wall. I could use an appearance of brick within SolidWorks, but if we wanted to model it, what would you do?

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