3D Printers for Manufacturers: Top 3D Printing Trends for 2020

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3D printing is a game-changer, no doubt. It’s been around long enough now to have evolved from a fledgling concept with vast room for improvement to a truly innovative technology that’s changing the way things are done.

With its list of useful applications expanding all the time, 3D printing is finding its way into one organization after another and bringing about massive positive change. With this paradigm shift comes the massive reward for these organizations and their stakeholders, as well as for the environment!

In many ways, this revolutionary technology is helping us to create a more sustainable future. And in this post, we’re discussing the top trends we see in 2020 with 3D printers for manufacturers (and beyond). Sustainability tops the list. Read on for more!

3D Printers for Manufacturers: Sustainability, Innovation, and Automation

Implementing 3D printers for manufacturers enhances the manufacturing process in so many ways! There are cost, energy, and material resource savings across the board, increased innovation and opportunity every step of the way, and a more sustainable process and product realized overall.

While it’s true that when manufacturers invest in 3D printers, some of their typical processes become unnecessary, the many long-term benefits outweigh the short-term risk. Here are the top three trends we see in 2020 regarding positive changes brought about by 3D printing in manufacturing:

1. The Sustainability of Additive Manufacturing

Using 3D printers to manufacture is called “additive manufacturing”. Additive manufacturing uses only those resources required to print end products, adding them as the process goes along. This significantly reduces costs associated with waste, because there isn’t any! And, if there is a small amount of waste, it’s minimal compared to traditional manufacturing processes.

This means there is little to no waste to be reworked, recycled, or trashed. All these options require additional resources and discarding industrial waste has significant (and usually negative) environmental impacts. Plus, 3D printers for manufacturers are often able to produce a single end product versus several small parts that require assembly, further reducing the resources needed.

Since the additive process uses fewer resources, to begin with, produces less waste, and has fewer negative environmental impacts, the key trend heralded by this process is much more sustainable manufacturing overall!

2. Innovation in All the Ways

Throughout the additive manufacturing process, there is so much room for innovation using 3D printing. New materials can be utilized and in ways never thought of before. New applications for traditional products are discovered all the time. Testing a product before production is easier than ever and requires significantly fewer resources. More options are available throughout the process and particularly when it comes to finishes on the final product.

Ever-advancing technology and software coincide nicely with methods that continue to become more streamlined as they naturally evolve. With innovation inherent in the process, 3D printing is consistently changing the game, faster than we ever dreamed.

3. Opportunities for AI Integration and Automation

3D printing complements manufacturing exceedingly well by radically streamlining the process. Where design used to be completely separate from testing and production, 3D printing allows integration of all the steps into one smooth sequence. And all this is both supportive of and made possible by the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

As technology advances, more data, and better insights generated by AI lead to more accurate design parameters. Also, more advanced technology and software, supplemented by simpler additive processes, allows for automation and leads to faster production. Faster, cheaper, more innovative, better overall, and more sustainable production leads to more satisfied customers. This is one trend that’s not going anywhere (except everywhere).

DesignPoint Transforms Efforts with the Best 3D Printers for Manufacturers

As you’ve read about these trends, you’ve probably realized that 3D printers for manufacturers are creating positive impacts across the board. These three trends are just a few that we see taking the manufacturing world by storm, and it’s clear that 3D printing is here to stay.

3D printers are the way of the manufacturing future, and the way they’re paving is much more sustainable than what we’ve seen in the past.

We’re so pleased that this is the case! And if you’re ready to revolutionize your business by using a 3D printer in manufacturing (or any other industry), contact us today. DesignPoint is here to help you transform your business’s future!

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