URB- E Workflow Pro Tips

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Our 2018 More Is Possible® event was a success. We were honored to have Jordan Tadic, SOLIDWORKS Technical Manager, attend and speak on behalf of URB- E.

For those who don’t know, URB- E is the world’s most compact, foldable electric vehicle and the focus of this year’s Creation in Motion | Concept to Consumer Tour. SOLIDWORKS went on the road and did a break down on the product’s entire lifecycle!

Besides being cool (duh!) the tour educated so many of our clients. Thus, we thought it fit to have Jordan speak at our event and give us some nuggets. Did he deliver or what? Several requests were made for him to share the workflow tips…so, whether you made it to the tour, the MIP event, or you missed them both– here you go!

The PDF below not only contains the complete list of Workflow Pro Tips, it also has a link to the complete digital playlist!

URB- E Tips

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