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Have you ever gotten tired of typing the same note in a drawing over and over again? How about making the same weld symbol multiple times? If you start to notice redoing the same work like this (or maybe you already noticed it), give the Design Library a shot.

Take a look at the note in the following image:


Note that “ALMOST” is underlined. If this note were used in EVERY drawing we create, then it would make the most sense to add that note to the drawing template or sheet format to save the most time. If the note is used very frequently, but not all the time, then it would be a better job for the Design Library.

To add this note, or any note, to the Design Library simply right click on it and choose “Add to Library”. The Add to Library Property Manager will appear and you can name the note, as well as choose the destination folder.


Once that’s done you can drag and drop that note from your Design Library anytime you want to use it again in the same drawing, or a completely different drawing.

Design Library

To go one step further if you work in a design team, you can add this note to a common library on the network and share it with everyone. To do this, simply create a folder structure on your network, then go to Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations, in SolidWorks, on each person’s computer and point the Design Library to the network Design Library.


This function is not limited to only notes, you can add anything from notes and weld symbols to features and parts. The next time you are working in SolidWorks, right click on something and look for the Add to Library button to make your job easier!

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