What are Consultants/Growth Advisors & How Can They Help You?

It’s inevitable. We all know it. Whenever we bring people together to work around a common mission and to provide goods and services (as we do in all businesses, in some capacity), change and challenges are going to arise. Change is one of the few certainties we can count on in this world.

Typically, businesses know how to manage the daily change and challenges they face, or they’re able to pull together internal teams to tackle the issues and create a plan. Then they can work as an organization to solve the issues successfully.

Every once in a while, though, an issue comes up that no one in the organization seems to be able to grasp entirely. Or on the contrary, there is an acute feeling that your business could be doing so much more. So either you can’t quite nail down the root cause of some recurring issue or… you’re so excited to finally tap into your potential, yet you don’t know where to start. In either scenario, good or bad– this is where a consulting group or individual consultant comes in.

What are Consultants?

Consultants are “third parties”, external to the organizations they help, who can use their objectivity as an advantage to work around a challenge or opportunity. When companies realize they are facing something but it can’t be fully addressed internally, often they’ll call in (consult with) consultants to give perspective.

Consultants offer processes and insight that guide organizations toward viable solutions.

Why Consult a Growth Advisor?

Growth advisors are consultants who specialize in helping businesses grow. One way they do this is by creating in-depth growth strategies to guide their clients’ business expansion.

If you’re a business proprietor and want to grow your business, but you’re running out of ideas, you can call in a growth advisor to help generate fresh direction. Or if you’re facing challenges that seem insurmountable with your current resources and know-how, an advisor can shed light on ways forward.

Why Does a Good Growth Strategy Matter?

Just because we say we want to grow our business doesn’t necessarily mean it is happening or going to happen. Having a solid growth strategy helps guide decisions, create timelines, and encourages inspired and purposeful actions towards what we really want to achieve.

We can’t just hope for growth. We must reach for it, strategize, and then plan for it. Once that’s done, we can then take intentional action toward it. Growth advisors can help give that extra oomph and/or clarity you’ve been missing.

Working with an expert team can help clear obstacles that seemed impossible to scale on your own. They are experts in their field, so you can trust them to give you personalized, actionable advice that leads you toward sure success.

How can External Consulting Really Help Your Business?

Consultants won’t know everything there is to know about your business; this is true. However, they can provide fresh eyes, a new perspective, and tried-and-true strategies that have proven successful time and again.

At DesignPoint, we believe that “good enough is never good enough,” and we will work with you to prove it. We embrace and model these guiding principles in our work:

  • Active engagement in helping you create a winning strategy for optimizing your business processes; we’re right there with you along the way to your goals.
  • Analytics-based support to ensure that we’re meeting our own internal metrics (which are based on your success, as well) while also ensuring you’re 100% satisfied with our services.
  • An ownership mentality means that every one of our growth advisors and consulting team members keeps your goals in mind and treats your success as if it was their own.

In short, you and your company’s growth matter to us!

More is Possible® with DesignPoint

If you’re facing tough challenges and ready for some fresh insight from a leading growth expert, give us a call. Or if your business could benefit from thorough, thoughtful guidance on a growth strategy that meets you where you are and propels you toward where you want to go, we’re here for you.

DesignPoint will help you realize that More Is Possible®. We strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction in all that we do.

DesignPoint is a growth advisor for engineering and manufacturing, wholly dedicated to helping you find and conquer unique opportunities that fit your needs and goals. Business challenges and expansion aren’t something to take lightly. Contact us today if you’re ready to understand what strategies and tools are out there and how to best leverage them in growing your business.