What is Customer Success Management?

How Customer Service Management Conversations Ensure Your Success


Customer Success Management (CSM)


Any DesignPoint SOLIDWORKS Subscription Customer


1-Hour Meeting Quarterly

Where and How


As a valued member of the DesignPoint Customer Base we are offering a free service to connect engineers and share knowledge. We pride ourselves on being a small company with big results and high quality. When we ensure the success of our customers by building relationships between engineers we can see that MORE IS POSSIBLE®. We want OUR engineers to get to know YOUR engineers and take the time to talk about how you are actually utilizing SOLIDWORKS, PDM, Electrical, Simulation, etc. Whatever you are using we would love to know about it.

MIP with CSM conversations

More Than Just Technical Support

We always enjoy hearing from our customers through our technical support line, but this is now a chance for users to talk regularly with our engineers and so that we can proactively help your business. We’ll make recommendations to increase your efficiency and increase your return on your current investment with us here at DesignPoint.

Design techniques and advanced methods discussed

Here are some potential discussion topics:

  • Virtual Tour – show us what projects you’re working on and how you’re using the software
  • Analytics-based observations about Tech Support utilization
  • Application of Training to day to day work
  • How to lean into your team’s strengths in the software
  • What tools do you feel are lacking or you don’t get as much use out of?
  • What is your 5-year goal for engineering and where are you now?

Let’s Talk

We know that it’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’re working day in and day out. We’re excited to help give some perspective and share some of our experiences with you. Your success will mean our success, and we are big on reaching our goals here at DesignPoint. So let’s set up a CSM conversation today. Use the Contact Us form below to get started!