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We’re so happy you asked.  You might have already heard that DesignPoint has an exclusive partnership with EpiGrid. They are pioneers for CAD in the Cloud and provide a multitude of solutions for our customers. Still, it is only with a full understanding of what the cloud is that you can you decide for yourself whether it’s the right solution for you.

So, what is the cloud? Besides being a famous buzz word/term that we’ve been hearing nonstop—the industry trend that we should be paying attention to… it is space where you can store your information.

Let’s use an example of something we are all familiar with—an iPhone. Whether you’ve been taking too many selfies, or you have too many Apps (no judgement here), you may have come across a storage issue with your iPhone. Instead of deleting your precious information (EEEK!), you may have gone into your settings and pushed some of your data into the cloud. You removed the information from living in your hardware (thus freeing up space)—and allowed it to live somewhere digitally.

Let’s take a step back to explore that a little deeper. When you have data, you can either run it locally (i.e. on your hardware devices) or you can have them on the Cloud. This doesn’t mean that we somehow evaporated your data, went through condensation and…okay I’ll stop. What it means is that your information is being hosted securely and safely at one, or several, off-site locations.

Like on a server? Actual data centers? Exactly!

As you can already imagine, there are tons of benefits when we choose to store our data on the Cloud. Here are just a few:



Opposed to having to be in one specific place on one specific machine, you have access to your data in a multitude of places. This means you can work from anywhere so long as you have internet connection.


Let’s be real. When I mentioned a data center earlier, a lot of you may have cringed. While some larger businesses completely understand their data infrastructures, others probably can’t even fathom what goes into that. This absence of knowledge related to IT needs, manifests itself in many ways.

Unfortunately, a lack in proper security is one of those ways. The other? Well, having to hire a subject matter expert to meet your demands. If you don’t understand what they should be doing though—how do you even know if they’re doing it well? Exactly.

Cloud solutions provide you not only with a secure structure, but also with peace of mind. You are removed from the complexities of the system all the while having flexibility to use up space as you please.


You can’t say flexibility without also thinking about scalability, and when it comes to your business this is a must. Ridding yourself of complex barriers, allows your business to grow. For many small businesses, proper infrastructure is a barrier to entry. Not anymore!

Systems and providers, like EpiGrid, can open up new opportunities. The best part? Even as you grow (and your information does too) you don’t have to worry about manual upgrades to a server, etc.

To put it simply, go from a 16gb iPhone to a 64gb iPhone without paying for additional hardware or fussing about where your data lives. With Cloud solutions you are given the convenience, security, and scalability options you deserve.

Now, even though you have a better understanding of the Cloud…it doesn’t mean you don’t have questions. In fact, you might have more questions than before you started reading this article. That’s fantastic! Give us a call or request a demo to learn more today.

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