What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

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Crazy to think that a whole month has already gone by since the SOLIDWORKS 2019 launch. If you didn’t have the chance to stream the stacked rollout, you can check it out here.

YouTube, SOLIDWORKS, & Social Media aren’t the only means by which we learn about the greatest feature enhancements for our favorite CAD system. As you know, rollout events are FREE learning opportunities for you and your team. We hosted our two events earlier this month, and our More Is Possible®: Automate & Elevate event proved to be a huge success.

If you couldn’t make it, no worries. The datasheet below contains a list of core enhancements for What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019.

What's New DP 2019

If you’d like the complete list with some more details, feel free to look at this more intensive PDF catalog.

What's New SWX 2019

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